Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pictorial Dreams

Yet again I had some awesome dreams. Like previously mentioned the details have all slipped away. Here is a summary of what I do remember:-

1) A cigar riding a bicycle. I tried to stop it by putting my hand in rear tyre. All my fingernails got cut off. The cigar laughed and said its the thing it always have had to endure.
2) In a vibrant kingdom of apples, full of colors and ants (slave to apples). The king and queen, in their majestic hall, are hearing the pleas of their subjects. A small child comes forward. He tells that he was at the beach yesterday morning and humans were getting a tan. He asks for the same. King replies "Well for the tan you do not need to be in the sun. Just get rid of your skin to get a tan"

In retrospect this was way cooler in the dream, maybe it would be better in pictorial representation rather than in writing. 

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