Monday, June 28, 2010

Knowing I wrote two instead of many

As a kid, my pulse used to rise every time I lied, knowing full well that mom will see through the lie. Slowly I adapted to it, lying perfectly without hesitation.
Then it was jumping from heights. Knowing, it will hurt when I land. It became a passion.
Then it was the tiniest moment before fights. Knowing I might get injured really bad. But I overcame that fear. 
Then it was the trips to places unknown. Knowing there is not enough cash. Somehow managed.
Then it was (and still is) the games. Knowing there are endless possibilities. Might win might lose. Always tried to keep the stats as clean as possible. (Now contributing to the gaming world :D)
There, thats my life in a nutshell. Crazy, mad, psycho call me whatever but I have enjoyed every moment of my life. There are two things left which I may have forgotten to write, didn't on purpose or maybe never experienced. For those still reading, I tried to keep this small. :D