Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Election - Another Dream

The usual fanfare and rallies are being conducted to promote certain candidates for upcoming elections. One of the party has made quiet a manifesto. It goes like this:-
1) If we win we will make double lanes for metro.
2) That will look grand to any foreign visitors coming to India.
3) To limit the usage of power supply we will run metro in single lane only but foreign visitors are not to be told.
4) To generate employment we will hire guards for each door.
5) Metro will always run in farthest lane from platform. This will force the citizen to climb and jump on arrival and departure which will keep them fit.
6) The hired guards will also help the women/senior citizens to climb up the metro. This will teach our childrento be courteous.
7) Citizens will become mentally alert because they will have to be cautious not to touch the railway track and keep to cement and concrete areas or else be electrocuted.
8) The entry system to metro will be based on SC/ST quota.
9) In short we will be increasing foreign visitors, have healthy citizens, save electricity, teach children to becourteous, increase jobs and help the under-represented.

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