Friday, November 14, 2008

NFS Undercover

Come November 18 and we all would all see the thirteenth installment of NFS, by the name NFS undercover. You will be playing an undercover agent, who goes underground in Tri-City- the largest virtual city ever created by NFS Team, based on American west-coast cities. Tri-City will contain four distinct part known as Palm Harbor, Port Cresent, Gold Coast Mountains, and Sunset Hills. The gameplay is touted to be like the previous best seller Most Wanted. The map is shown below:-

As usual, sprint and circuit will be there in the gameplay. Bad news for drifting fans though, there is no drifting in this installment. There will also be the return of highway battles (though the name is new, it is all about driving in traffic and police behind your back). Specific missions will be there as well. As usual Cops and robber mode will be there as well. This mode has been named The Heist. This mode will be made for online gaming in which each team will have upto 8 players and robbers will try to get the packages to a destination and cops will try to thwart them. Online mode will also feature sprint, circuit, point-to-point, highway battles. You are undercover but you still have chases because you break every law to bring down criminals.

The police will be a lot tougher to beat this time. The Helicopter will make a comeback as a police vehicle. The AI (of police) will be able to use advanced precision immobilization techniques. They are called Tri-City Police Department, TCPD for short.

It is expected to be released for the platforms:- Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, Nintendo DS, PC - DVD, Xbox, PS3, Mobile.

Characters include :-
Chase Linh (the only officer to whom player report, played by the famous Maggie Q)
Lt. Keller (another officer)
Chau Wu
G-Mac (some one from the TCPD who is corrupted)
Hector Maio (Criminal)
Nickel (Criminal)
Zack Maio (Criminal)
Jonathon Cross (acquaintance to G-Mac)
Isabel "Izzy" Diaz (one of the "Blacklist" members in most wanted)
Caleb Reece (from underground)

Christina Milan is also said to be playing a role in the game.

Here are some links to video trailers of the game:-
  • (trailer)
  • (cop chase scene)
And some images as well:-

System Requirements
Processor: Intel P4 2.8 Ghz or higher
Display card: 128 MB
RAM: 1 GB, 2GB for Vista
Disk Space: 6 GB
Operating System: XP, Vista

In a surprise move EA Black box declared that this installment will not have any Demo. The EA has formed two teams and they would be working in cycles of two year each to bring NFS yearly. Undercover took only 16 months in developing and testing.

The best part is that it is only 999 Rs. Only.... You can pre-order it or download it from:-

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Legal and free Disco in India

Well, you might wonder how come the disco is free in India... It is, and I guess it is the largest chain anywhere in the world too... But it does comes with a limitation; It is only open for around twice at most the places, for three to four hours only and that too in day and strictly closed at night... Yeah, I am talking about Temples in India... You are free to bring as many friends as you can and dance to highly inspiring songs(these days they are even playing remix versions), till you drop... You can take your girlfriend and even have the guts to ask her mother... You even won't have to keep checking on everybody in case they break something(its public property and everyone take care of things themselves, unlike if you throw a party at your own house)... On Shivratri you even get 'Bhang'... Free dosage, drink as much as you want and get as high as you want and that too free of cost... Mingle with persons unknown and don't have fear of getting mugged... Whereas a party of this scale might cost a fortune but atleast it is not you who will be paying... :)

So get out your dancing dresses and get cracking... you won't be needing any shoes on the plus side.. that will be another thing that you wont have to spend money on... :p

Sunday, November 2, 2008


She fascinated him throughly. His heart stopped beating at every smile of hers.

He had seen many girls in his life but never been this spellbound by anyone of them before. He couldn't seem to concentrate where he was going and kept circling to have a lasting look at this beauty. He would have given anything for a simple fleeting glance from the girl in his direction.

No, that wouldn't suffice. He must pecker up his courage and talk to her. But when her smallest of smiles can stop his heart-beat, would he be able to talk to her sanely, and that too in front of four or five other girls surrounding her. At this thought his head lowered, slightly away from the gal, for the first time after he had seen her.

But soon his eyes were peeled again in direction of the charming lady. He heard someone calling but he couldn't care less, there were all sort of noise all around him. Without thinking his mind had settled that he must look at this gal forever and nothing that others do matter. But suddenly he felt someone place his hand on his shoulder and say "fine choice you have my friend", he turned around and looked at this stranger abusing him in his heart as if he literally had snatched something very precious from him. He couldn't think of anything to say and turned back to watching the girl again. But the stranger didn't take the hint and continued talking, "She is a beauty, unlike any other on this planet, isn't she." He still maintained his silence.

A minute passed or was it entirety, he seemed to lose track of time. His shoulder itched and upon looking up he found that the stranger was still with him and his hand was still on his shoulder. "What do you want?" he asked coldly. The stranger smiled. He said, "I want you to go and chat with that lady u have been watching for past few minutes. She is in her best mood and I think the time is right for you to make a move and tell her what u think about her, before it is too late." He considered this for a minute while he watched her again. This is exactly what he wanted but what would he say. The stranger as if reading his mind said,"Just take this hint before you go, she likes to drink whatever she is holding when she ponders positively but look down at her glass otherwise. Go now, time and tide wait for no-one my friend."

He stood still pondering on this. His head began to work as if something had finally connected to the gears in his brain and he took a tentative step forward. Stopped and looked back but the stranger was gone, was this a joke that stranger had played on him? how did he know so much about that girl? question burst into his forehead like fireworks. Should he go on or stop right here, he wondered.

Rest in next post... ;)