Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another nightmare

Hmmmm, i also had a nightmare some days ago.... In tht, I had forgotten the password of windows as well as of linux on my PC and i couldnt install a fresh copy of XP or linux as they were in a cupboard which was locked and i didnt had the keys.... Moreover i couldnt get out of the room as well since the door was locked and the windows were jammed.....


In another dream, I got a starting package of 100 lakh a year but I refused it to open a business of repairing floppy drives...


Heya... I am quiet a dreamer.... Some days ago I dreamed tht won the F1 race with maruti 800... The track was outback in australia and i won by beating each and every ferrari and mclarens and other cars... All of them wasted time by stoping at pit stops and I didnt... I had a fuel tank fitted in the car which had sufficient petrol for the race and I had first class Nox fitted as well, and my cars had cool tyres tht were resistant to wear and tear due to excess of heat....
And after a labor of 90 laps I won..... yipppeeeeeeeeeeee......

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The day!

Well the day is today (the 12th of march) and less commonly known as "No smoking Day".

So professional smoker give smoking a rest today, beware, the saturn is on you and hence stay away from anything that burns or lights.

Those planning to quit, good news for you in store, today is very auspicious day for quitting.

Those thinking of starting, the stars and the vibe is not right, you must wait for 19 years and 8 months for the right day. Otherwise the heart and lung may incur some problems.

All those under the age of 21, you have some problem in your futures and for delaying these problems wear the gloves stone and stay away from anything cylinderical.

And the rest of you people, all the planets, the sun, moon, alpha centauri, sirius (not sirius black) are with you and you have a good and great life ahead of you, but beware and dont smoke otherwise the opposite might happen.

Each cigarette reduces life by 5 min. It damages the lungs, heart, blood, and it incur breathing problems, high pressure of blood, it numbs the brain and in short is extremely dangerous and disasterous for your body. It is hazardous and kills. So please stop smoking and enjoy life. Cause there are somethings money cant buy and one of them is your life.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The addiction....

The survey has revealed startling fact that the addiction of messaging is spreading across the globe very rapidly. Almost every teenager surveyed was found addicted. The addiction is fast to catch up and the symptoms are bad. The one addicted as such will lose power to concentrate on things that are around him and keeps his head hanging. Soon he develops the crick in the neck and passes his time sitting in some corner and not talking to anyone. The de-addiction centers are hard to find, in the countries like India, etc. The addiction soon becomes worse and even the person addicted confesses that it is bad for him/her. The addiction is more pronounced between opposite sexes, persons so addicted even tend to miss lunch just to keep messaging and satisfying their addiction.

The survey has also revealed that the no. of messages being sent in a year is 10 times the no. of cigarettes produced in an year. This also has surpassed the marijuana and such in matter or quantity and sale.

The only way is to let the parents know of the disastrous effects of this addiction. The programmes, spreading the awareness of this addiction and its disastrous effect, will soon be starting. Hence, we conclude that this addiction will be difficult to end and hence proper measures has to be taken so as the new generation is not effected by it and the ones addicted should leave it. To all such people sir utha ke jiyo, eat healthy and on time. Beware.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mentos life

Aam Zindagi:- (usual life)

we couldn't make any girlfriend in four years of b.tech, we wasted them.

Mentos Zindagi:- (Mentos life)

No girl could make us their boyfriend, girls wasted four years of b.tech.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Glove Compartment

The other day me and one of my friend(name with held on request) were going in my car to another friend's house, I was driving. It was around 8 p.m at that time. Somewhere along the way I remembered that I had some toffees in the glove compartment. (I had around 3 strepsil, 2 centre fresh, 9 candyman and a vicks). I asked my friend if he wanted a toffee, he said yes. So I told him to have one from the glove compartment. He took one with much consideration, he was like, this one, no that one, finally he came up with a toffee and tore the lineage and ate, then he asked me a very peculiar question. "What is this stuff, why is this toffee so bitter". I looked toward him and then at the pack he was holding and I saw a pack of crocin in his hands and burst out laughing. At this point we were at our destination and I parked the car and still laughing, got out. My friend now and then spit out and I would start laughing afresh. Our friend came out and he too laughed as I shared the joke with him.