Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life of an employee

The life poses a responsibility for every right you earn, an obligation for each opportunity u achieve. Each turn you take, might take you to the top or else make u fall. Life is a cruel lesson which hardens us as we progress. Make us do and think like the world, and if we dont, we are under appreciated, treated like wallows and made to be part of every mistake that ever happened, whether we were in it or not. Only those can remain standing who have authority and power over others.

And even then the life demands. And what does the life want : - thats simple enough money, wealth, stature and everything related with it. But are these all really important, so as to waste whole life on them. We work all our life just for a few wad of notes, and for that humiliated and used like the company owns us. Are we humans or not? We work like there is no humane power within us. We each dance and jump if the company orders us too. Are we mere puppets?

Sickness and hunger become the part of daily routine. But who cares, the company doesn't see that. It only sees that the cash flow generated by so and so employee has degraded, subtract from his salary and whatever service he may have had done before is forgotten in blink of an eye.

We work, yes we do. Hard work. Not like managers sitting at the top and enjoying the air-conditioner while employees get beat. And after that we are not even given 2% of what all we bring for the company.

And in the end, we resign, unable to take anymore. But that has absolutely no effect on the company. They can easily replace us.

A few weeks/month later we join a new company, which presents its good-self for the first month or so and then gradually becomes the same. And then we change again, might do it a couple of times more, but till when. An age will come when we will have to stay, suffer in silence, cause we will be ill-fitted to be applying for job at the age when everyone retires. Or we renounce everything and wait for our departure.

And finally we die, a few tears fall and then everything is same as before.

Over the years, life has changed its meaning so drastically, that man hasn't yet been able to accommodate all the changes that life transpires. All of us run behind money. We waste our childhood in preparation for later age. when it comes we all do work, work and more work. Where did everything went wrong? Why do we have to undergo such things? Wouldnt it have been good enough if we were taught the ways of nature and then sent on trip of the world? That would have been an awesome adventure and nobody would have been in rush. Leisure would have been everybody's prime concern. But no, we all have to play our part. Be the holder of the maximum money, so that we can show the other that we have more wealth. The more the wealth the greater the stature.

Is money now the only prowess left in this world?