Monday, April 28, 2008

My sister

She is always there to help
whenever i yell and yelp
in my mind and heart she dewel
she is brighter than any jewel

You can bet on her in competitions of art
in many skits and plays she has taken part
for excellence, she strives
and take part in "save nature" drives

In seminar and lecture she leads
under her belt she has many a good deeds
she is one of her kind
so hard to find

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Free advice

The advertisement tht said tht Indian people give lot of free advices was extremely true. I dont understand why so many people always have a go at us children. Even if they are meeting us for the first time and they know nothing abt us.. then also they will b like...

"kitna bade baal rakhe hua hay"

//whats the matter i have long hair, they r my problem, and wht abt ur children, its like they dont have hairs and r completely bald....

"Dekho chote baal kitne aache lagenge tumhare pe"

//Free advice. And their next sentence would b the same...

"Chinku(or whatever the name of their children happens to b) ne bhi bade baal kar liye hai, in logo ko kitna samjha lo, lekin sunte nahi hai hamari"

"Arre ye phati hui pant kyun pahan rakhi hai"

//Or koi topic milta hi nahin hai... hamare baal, pant, dressing style etc... or to koi topic hi nahin

"Mene dekha tha center market me ek shop me bahut hi achi pant thi... vo me chinku ko leke de di, bahut hi suit karti hai us pe.... aap bhi chalna hamare saath, phati hui pant se to achi lagegi"

//Phele to pucha nahin ki meri pant kaisi hai and fir aap apne bache ko jo bhi leke do mujhe kya... Fir se free advice

"Or kya kar rahe ho beta"

//Then my reply as usual, kar raha hun aunty

"Acha, badiya hai... dekho achi tahra se padai karna..."

//Mujhe to pata hi nahin tha

"Ab tum bade ho gaye ho"

//Acha to ab bhi tumhare comment kyun sun raha hun

"Ab bus tumhe hi apne mata pita ki seva karni hai, "

//Hanji aunty... atleast ek hi baat aap ki mujhe achi lagi

And its like they have timed their visit and they will keep speaking till the end and very rapidly as if they have prepared all tht they will say to us in advance... and all their speech they would praise themselves and abuse us in a language tht we can't use on them yet... let the time come...

Famous Personality

Well today i met a famous personality.... Famous in the sense tht he is so sophisticated, cleanliness freak, and he is a bit crank, confused, and rest i will leave for u all to guess coz i dont have tht much freedom of speech, i kno this guy as my father's friend and u may guess wht his reaction will b if he found something loose written abt him online and tht too by the son of his best friend....

anyways i am not going to mention his name... this article is targeted toward his friends and i am sure tht all his frnds will come to kno who he is as soon as i tell abt him... so here goes:-

Suppose tht a person has to go to an important meeting and he/she is kinda late, so wat he/she will do is race the car to the place of meeting and find a parking space on the first sight, open the door and rush to the office or wherever the meeting is taking place... but not this guy, he will drive at average speed tht is 40 to 60 km/hr and then come to the meeting place and then stop the car and look for the place to park his car, if he finds the place then he will think how he will park his car (front first or back first) and then only he will park his car, afterwards he will come out and then check the car from all sides and see tht it is not touching from anywhere, then he will sit in the car again and take his comb out, then he will comb his hair and then take his napkin and clean his face, have a sip of water and then leave his briefcase open (in case he has to leave it in his car), he says tht no.of people these days break into car and briefcase thefts r on rise and tht he leaves his briefcase like tht becoz the thief will now have a clear view tht the bag doesnt contain anything else and only papers... so according to him it is the perfect solution, since the theif's time is also saved and his briefcase as well.... and finally after doing all this he will enter the place of meeting.... and on the way he would check his reflection on any surface tht reflects the light back, like the glass of offices, cars etc... and any every alternate reflection, he encounters, he would stop and correct his tie, shirt etc.... and then finally he would enter a location of meeting to find tht it is already over and he self confessed tht he couldnt make around 30% of the meetings he would normally be attending....

ok folks thts all... hope i have not written anything too personal... hope he doesnt kill me, and tht he has a bright future.,,,, love to all.... :) :D ;)....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beauty and the beast

Always in history the ugly one has faced rejection and the beautiful one has always been accepted. Its like u havent tried a product but just by its look u will say tht it is no good.... but if the same product be launched in a flashy version but do less work, even then the people will be willing to buy it... The poor are worst effected becoz of this... the people will sympathize with the rich and buy something tht have been made by rich even tho it does less work than something which is cheaper and do more work but ugly...

Take the example of day and night....
it is always been said tht day is the one which brings joy and hopefulleness.... and tht the day makes the night go away and clear the clouds of darkness.... just becoz day is more brighter than the night is.... but still if u show the people a picture of full moon they will start oooh--aaahing.... the day and the night are equally alike its just the mentality of the people which doesnt let them accept the thing which is not beautiful....

same is the case of poor... i kno my little article is not going to change their position.... but i hope tht u do pay more attention to them and things tht r kinda ugly... they might b so but they have a potential to beat the best in the market...

P.S Both these pics were shot by my K790i and as per rules and regulation are copyrighted and can only b used by me... all disputes will b solved by the high court... and for more info on how to use a camera plz search online and dont ask me....