Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dedicated to my college buddies...

the hunter takes the pledge
of having a dinner
children cries for food
are answered by mother

she took to the wings
and goes in the blue
searching for grains
not having a clue

hunter waits for the prey
sitting in shadows
she fly here and there
high and low

the bait is set
she comes to pick
hunter aims the blow
she senses a trick

hunter is ready to fire
and as the blow comes
she evades the attack
and to home she goes

time is long gone
the children have grown
collecting their own food
and have their own home

hunter = time
she = sparrow = college
food = degree/job
children = me and my friends

After all the pressures of college life, me for one will really miss it. Subjects and supplies are now past, time has come for our own jobs. The time of parting is here. Dunno about others but I am going to miss a few of them really badly. Especially those who I wont be able to contact, emotional as I am these days, I cant do anything about it.