Friday, February 29, 2008

The checked sweater

The other day my friend Rahul came to my house. He was wearing a white sweater with black check boxes. Now, rahul is very talkative and usually has a lot to tell about his life and generally share it without any hesitation. So I thought why not write a story on him. So I asked him, "Hey where did you get this sweater from". He replied that he had bought it from chandigarh where he had 6 week training. I told him about my plan to write a story on him and asked whether that sweater had one. He said no, he had just bought it and that's all, nothing funny or stuff related with that sweater. I said, "ok, nevermind". He said that the shirt he was wearing had a fine story of its own. Curious, I asked what it was and he replied that he had purchased the shirt from the same shop as that of sweater. I waited a few minutes and he didn't say anything further so I asked him, "Is that all?". He said yes, isn't it amazing to have worn a shirt and sweater both purchased from the same place. I couldn't less agree and burst out laughing.

Somethings there....

The other day I was sitting in my IBS lab. The light was out, so we were just sitting and chatting, some were making assignments that were to be submitted that day itself. My mustache was itching a little bit so I started scrubbing it with my pen. Incidently, the pen was open and I started scrubbing with the tip itself. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I stopped. I asked my friend "kuch laga hai?" (is there anything here?) while pointing to my mustache . He said no, and then he looked closely and said yes there is something right above my lip. I scrubbed with my hand and asked the same question again. He said that it is still there. I scrubbed even harder and then asked "Kya ab laga hai?" (is it still there?). He said yes, I scrubbed so hard that my lip felt like it was on fire. Then I repeated my question. He said "Bhai, phele ek baat bata. Me jab bhi tere ko bolta hun ki kuch laga hai to tu apna haath muh pe kyu ragarne lag jata hai?" (brother, first tell me why do you start scrubbing when I tell you that there is something on ur lip?), I said that "use hatne ke liye" (to rub it off). He said "Arre bhai, haath se nahi razor se saaf hoga". (hey man, it will not go that way, you will have to use a razor). And he started laughing, then I realized that he was merrily pointing to my mustache above my lip.