Monday, January 16, 2012

Weird Dreams

Last night I had a fair few dreams. Each one has a potential to be made into a feature length movie. Anyways here is a rant on how they presented themselves:-

1) The first dream was a nightmare in its own sense. The setting (note:- just the setting) was like any final destination movie. It started out with twelve people (including three couple) meeting in a desolate resort for vacations, each from different background (the details of that are now hazy so I will leave it out). Surprisingly I am not present in my own dream.

Everything is serene, cool breeze, lush green fields and trees all around the resort they are living in. Soon though, everything goes downhill. They all have same nightmares about a group of ghost who only have shining white eyes and rest of their body is like silhouette of white. Two of the members are found dead in morning. They have been killed brutally, their stomach lined up and stretched and their guts out on floor beside their bodies. One of the couple plans to leave immediately. An officer of some kind shows up, I think he was from standard police, and detained all of them in resort until the case was investigated. He falls in love with a woman who was in that group (he becomes a part of the group so to say). It is evening now and the light is fading. The electricity goes out. Everyone gathers in the hall. The most sensible thing would have been to find out the manager and ask him what was going on. However, none of the staff can be found anywhere in resort. The police officer also votes to get out of the resort as soon as possible. He is also getting the shivers of fear now. But the jeep he arrived in won’t start and there is thirty miles distance to nearby road/community. They all agree to spend the night in resort itself and in morning call a cab or something. After a few hours a deadly shriek is heard. Everyone rushes to the place where it came from. They find a girl (of fifteen something) yelling and crying up on balcony. She was originally a part of group. As soon as they arrive, she points skyward. Every head turns in the direction but they are unable to see anything there. The policeman has his torch in hand, he turns it skyward and in the beam of light they see the ghosts they all had seen in their dreams last night (eyes white and silhouette of white for their bodies and they appear to be swirling on top of balcony and can only be seen in torch light, not otherwise) . Everyone acknowledges the fact that they all had same dream. They all go back to the hall. They try to get some help now but find that there is no signal in all phones. The police officer then explains a recent invention, which can make people share dreams or have same dream. He proposes the theory as the plausible explanation why everyone had same dream. However, other still tends to think in terms of spirits and ghosts. Everyone is scared. I do not recall the next part pretty clearly but it happens that one by one, everyone is killed brutally until only the police officer, the woman he loves, the girl from balcony and another couple is left. They decide to run to nearest police station. All of them leave together. The nightmare continues to haunt all these people even when they reach the safe post. The guy (the one who is part of couple mentioned earlier) goes missing. His lover confesses that she had only met him last week and do not know much about him. Soon she starts hovering in the air. The others are so fearful that even as they try to stand and catch hold of her, she is split into two. The police officer finds some kind of rope that was attached to her back. He deduces that rope was causing her to hover in air and it must come from somewhere high up. As it is she had been sitting directly under the open sky window (dunno their names actually). The striking thing was that there was no platform above that window. As if with a sudden enlightenment, he proceeds to instruct the fifteen-year-old girl to go hide under the bed and he declares his love to the woman asking her to do the same as girl. However, the woman persists and asks where he going to go. He says that he fancies a stroll on balcony. Woman asks him to let her accompany him. He refuses but she is persistent and finally they both go out in balcony. Soon both of them feel a rope attaching to their backs. The police officer takes control and starts swinging on the rope. Soon ropes get entangled with other electric poles and with a huge wrench breaks. Both of them fall to the ground cracking some of their bones. High above there is a fire burning. Soon an airplane comes into view and goes on to crash nearby. The police officer rushes out to airplane. He finds the missing person unconscious in it. In addition, I forgot to mention that this missing person was a scientist and... fade to black here (I forgot to complete this 2 days ago, and can't remember anything further at all, not even what I was going to write there to finish the sentence :( )

There were two dreams after this. However, I left this for too long, cannot remember a thing. The thing with writing a blog on dream is do it as soon as possible otherwise the details leak away. I remember a little of the third dream. I was a simple person and falsely accused of killing some prominent minister, when I just happened to be passing by that place. I hope you can imagine what ensued next because I sure do not remember it all. Here are a few hints and snatches: - number of mercenaries/soldiers/officers killed hither and thither. A couple of friends join up to party up. Spattering blood. Smoking ashes. The place probably might have been New Delhi in future. That is all I remember of that dream. Let this pass into oblivion.

P.S Grammar might not be perfect everywhere since this was edited from points to sentences.

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