Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prince of Persia - The Forgotten sands

First impression/quick review

The gameplay style is back to warrior within kinda. The 2008 Prince of Persia's artistic background/landscape/graphics have been dropped and open world theme too. The cut scenes are more realistic in any case. Again the camera is controlled by game itself. As far as the story goes, our renowned Prince-having-no-name come back home to his brother to find a war raging. The brother calls up soloman army in-spite of Prince warning not to call them. And all hell break loose. I like the water freezing effect that we can use. Plus fighting with 50 people at a time is also cool. There is nothing to defend/block an attack, this makes the game more fast where you have to keep jumping/running/doing-some-freestyle to kill enemies/reach a place in time. The ability to rewind the time is also back. All in all 7/10 from my side.