Saturday, September 18, 2010

BioShock2 first impression

Having played singularity some weeks back, bioshock2 feels just the same albeit some new powers that you can throw from hand. Coincidentally, one of the messages on the wall said "Lamb is watching" and when I read it I was wearing a t-shirt having a message saying "Mary, had a little lamb. And it was delicious"

The story so far sounds interesting, possibly one of the main feature of the game which will keep the players hooked until they finsih it. The game start in 1958 under the atlantic ocean with you knocking on some door and a small girl comes out having complete yellow eyes. She points to a doll and says "Look daddy, its you. Lets go out today" You follow the girl while watching reflection of yourself (the hero is in metal scuba diving suit complete with cylinders on the back)  and fishes outside the glass. On the way, your daughter picks an injection from some guy who apparently is dead/knocked out. She drinks a little from the injection then runs into a hall saying "look daddy more angels". You come out into the hall and some people are shocked to see you. Suddenly there is a scream "DADDY". You run toward the direction of the scream. You come out into a balcony and below you is a stage of some kind. There are four people man handling your daughter and forcefully taking the injection from her. You jump landing and squashing a guy. The middle guy drinks the stuff from injection and tries to eletrocute you by throwing electro bolts at you. You become enraged and drill through a guy, smash another with your drill and just as you are about to kill the guy who threw electro bolts at you, he throws something green bomb thingi. You fell on the floor trying to recover. A woman comes and explains that the small girl is not your daugghter and that she is hers. Then she makes you shoot yourself. Ten years later you wake up by sounds from a radio but the signal is not proper. Everything is in ruins. This is where you gain control. Some keyboard controls tutorial are shown. And you can see some people like you are out side the glass (in the ocean) trying to mend holes.

I must say that the water reflections and the dropping water effect on visor are awesome and looks absolutely real.

Soon you will get power of electrocuting others and a lousy gun called rivet gun. You can pick people dairies to know more about the place and its people. You get powers whenever you find plasmids and the fuel these things use is called eve. There are some eve dispenser. Make sure you carry as much as you can whenever you see a eve dispenser.

There are so many things to interact with. This is good. Not many games have this feature. For eg. you can use the electro bolts and aim toward a pool of water, this will electrocute anyone who is standing in it. Drill uses fuel to run. And most of object wear a dent if you hit that object with anything.

Overall I will say that the story, interact-ability and graphics (altho some things might seem a bit old) are cool. The only con of this game is that it is too much similar (maybe 2K Marin peeps were trying to keep it similar so that it is easy for players to adjust). I will give this game a solid 8/10. (I am loving story driven games a lot more than I used to, hehe).

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