Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trip around the heart of city

Just on impulse today, I decided to catch a shared auto after I had my lunch parceled. I alighted last, having no idea of my location. Went about roaming, saw a govt. institute of micro, small and medium business. After roaming around for an hour and a half, I was damn hungry. Decided to walk into a building called "siri towers", this was like a flat based system where everybody owns a flat. On my way in I saw that the parking place of 301 was empty. So I figured if the guard shows up I will tell him that I wanted to meet someone at 301. I started eating on guard desk itself. After my first dish, the guard came back from wherever he had gone. He asked me what I was doing, I said I came to meet up someone at 301 and they are not at home, so I decided to wait. He said ok. But unlucky for me the the guy from 301 turned up shortly after. Guard asked him, if he knows me. I made some gestures telling him let me eat, I will be gone. But perhaps he didn't notice those and told guard that he doesn't  know me. Guard asked me to leave, in any case my lunch was mostly finished, so I wrapped my belongings and went out. Like a moral citizen I looked and looked for a garbage bin after a long search I found one in front of a shop. Got rid of my garbage there. Then started walking again, got totally lost but adamant that I will not ask for directions. Now I had a serious desire to go and attend the nature call. But there was no place to do so, damn people everywhere. Finally came up to a govt. type of building having a big garden, jumped the fence went inside and did my stuff. Good thing nobody caught me. After a couple of hitch hiking and turning at random intersections I came to a road. Having never seen this road before I decided to call a friend. Asked him to choose left or right randomly. He chose left, so I took another shared auto to the left hand side. The driver asked where I was headed. I said till the place you go. He replied he can go really far and asked me for 50 bugs. I said I don't want to go that far, so drop me after some couple of kms. Finally I reached a place called hoshipur. Never been there before but the place was ok, having a lot market places. After roaming for another half and hour I decided lets head back home. Since it was already getting dark and all I had were my sunglasses and after dark I needed my other specs. On my way home, I shared the auto with 3 other girls. They were laughing their head off at something. Having recently seen a video in which a bartender laughs really loud at a couple of girls who were giggling at something and then said "its disgusting". I did a same kinda thing except my last comment was "go ahead, its nice entertainment", that shut them up for good. Then I got a call from office friend to meet up at a particular place. And after lot of phone calls and discussion (since he was also on move with another friend from office itself) as to where to meet we finally met at barista. Had some coffee and a real nice discussion about all this adventure of mine. Back home finally.

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