Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First Satire

The online social communities are rapidly growing and it is helping people from all sorts of fields.

Take the case of Shirley Wilson who was bailed on her own recognizance after she said "I really need to go and update my facebook" in court. The judge Alex Darlington stated that he made his choice according to the law book which states that if the defendant has strong ties in the community and has members in it then that person be released. And shirley's statement proved that she has strong ties in facebook community.

In another case, my good friend Vib got movie ticket for Inception. As he reached the theatre, he remembered that he had forgotten to update his twitter account about the movie. And since this was a big event he decided to go into cyber cafe. A couple of hours later he realized that he missed the movie and remorsefully updated "Missed the movie" on his twitter account. The twitter community rose up and gave him blow-by-blow account of the entire movie. He later commented "this was even richer experience since there were so many people to explain what was going on, a person watching the movie alone would have been totally confused".

And lastly take Klok Jam case. In his own words he told me that he lives all alone. Goes to office at different timings, sometime even taking days off. But he does frequently use twitter to update whenever he is going off to sleep/waking up etc and if by chance someday he doesnt tweet, just remember to raise the alarm, some tragedy might have happened. Furthermore he gave me his password too, just in case something happens and he is not able to tweet about it.

Lol, my first satire. I know it is ridiculous, stupidly/ill written and impossible to understand. Ah well, I wont get any worse. Hehe.


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