Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project 1

So finally after coming to tiger tail studio, I've got my first project. I will be working on three or four multi-player board games. I already did the design for one of them yesterday, wasn't easy to figure out all the properties and behaviors in one go. Iteration helped get all the objects, their properties and behaviors. After that got into trouble with functions, several functions had multiple objects linkages (meaning they worked on three or four objects but they should start at particular event) and they had to be placed only once, later figured the right places of all the functions. I am not that good at designing. This is the first time ever that I designed before writing down any code, usually I just implement my ideas by coding and then later figure out what all to place where and if the code can be re-adjusted to perform better. I know that in the long run designing phase help, and especially since I have to do multi-player then all should be known beforehand otherwise it would take a lot of time to fix bugs later. Hopefully the design I did would withstand the whole duration of the project and maybe it will help save some time.

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