Friday, December 4, 2009


(Yesterday) : The best phase in making a game is coding according to me, the worst part: testing and polishing a game, which actually takes more time than actual coding and all other phases put together.

Just started testing three new games made by co-workers in my company, one of the games is quiet good (something about a war), actually meant for 4 players, it can support up to eight players and four more bots over a simple internet connection. One of them has a lot of bugs(really old game remake), would need to change that. That's the problem with most multiplayer games. Shit happens. Actually it is not until you test the game over internet connection that you would know what all is missing or buggy.

Did I mention that all the three games tested are multi-player!! :D

EDIT (Today) : Testing continued today, and we did all kind of maneuvers on the game, tried to crash them intentionally, and checked of all the aspects, lastly we checked all kind of species against each other.  

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Jayesh said...

i like the bots part ......that sounds cool to device a bot .... ur own coded bot cool :D