Saturday, March 8, 2008

The addiction....

The survey has revealed startling fact that the addiction of messaging is spreading across the globe very rapidly. Almost every teenager surveyed was found addicted. The addiction is fast to catch up and the symptoms are bad. The one addicted as such will lose power to concentrate on things that are around him and keeps his head hanging. Soon he develops the crick in the neck and passes his time sitting in some corner and not talking to anyone. The de-addiction centers are hard to find, in the countries like India, etc. The addiction soon becomes worse and even the person addicted confesses that it is bad for him/her. The addiction is more pronounced between opposite sexes, persons so addicted even tend to miss lunch just to keep messaging and satisfying their addiction.

The survey has also revealed that the no. of messages being sent in a year is 10 times the no. of cigarettes produced in an year. This also has surpassed the marijuana and such in matter or quantity and sale.

The only way is to let the parents know of the disastrous effects of this addiction. The programmes, spreading the awareness of this addiction and its disastrous effect, will soon be starting. Hence, we conclude that this addiction will be difficult to end and hence proper measures has to be taken so as the new generation is not effected by it and the ones addicted should leave it. To all such people sir utha ke jiyo, eat healthy and on time. Beware.


Pr@k! said...

Thanx buddy 4 makin me aware!!
hey dis addiction is coz of technological adavncement!!.... n datz y hre comes d tag line.."TECHNOLOGY-A BOOM OR A BANE!"....somethng 4 us to work n think upon..

am thinkin bout wot u said
.. yah.. u r bloggin...n i am becomin addictive!!Hope am nt a victim ten! ..i suggst u stop bloggin 2 save me frm my unseen fate!! plzzzzzzzzz!! ;)


simple googly said...

lol.... nice comment....:)