Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The day!

Well the day is today (the 12th of march) and less commonly known as "No smoking Day".

So professional smoker give smoking a rest today, beware, the saturn is on you and hence stay away from anything that burns or lights.

Those planning to quit, good news for you in store, today is very auspicious day for quitting.

Those thinking of starting, the stars and the vibe is not right, you must wait for 19 years and 8 months for the right day. Otherwise the heart and lung may incur some problems.

All those under the age of 21, you have some problem in your futures and for delaying these problems wear the gloves stone and stay away from anything cylinderical.

And the rest of you people, all the planets, the sun, moon, alpha centauri, sirius (not sirius black) are with you and you have a good and great life ahead of you, but beware and dont smoke otherwise the opposite might happen.

Each cigarette reduces life by 5 min. It damages the lungs, heart, blood, and it incur breathing problems, high pressure of blood, it numbs the brain and in short is extremely dangerous and disasterous for your body. It is hazardous and kills. So please stop smoking and enjoy life. Cause there are somethings money cant buy and one of them is your life.

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