Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unity3D vs. Torque

I hope you all know that these two are big time Game Engines. Here is something that is either different or same in both.

Both of them have different pros and cons. Unity3D can be used to make browser based games. Torque is more detailed like having shadow depth and volume, whereas Unity3D has only projected shadows. And shaders, physics, meshes, networking systems are almost same in both. Though torque has an in-built editor for GUI and texture, unity employs the use of 3rd party but good editors (like Maya, 3ds Max, etc) it has a feature which enables Unity3D to import and export data from all these editors seamlessly. There is also the difference in how they animate, Unity uses keyframes though Torque employs inverse kinematics. Torque only support C/C++ but Unity3D supports C#, JavaScript etc. Both of them can make games for Windows, Linux, Mac, Wii, iPhone etc (but notably only Unity3D supports browser based games) some of the earlier version of torque couldn't but now they do and even Torque X has to make do with XNA still it is under construction.Unity3D en-powers the game with good music and video playing capabilities, whereas there have been many objections on the sound quality of Torque Game Engine. Unity3D is more efficient for rapid game development. 


EAlicea said...

Nice Comparison! I use Torque and really enjoy it. I have to agree with you on the sound. I was thinking of taking a look at Unity but I'll just stick with Torque for right now, although I like the fact that you can use C# in Unity.

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