Monday, November 16, 2009

From joining till today

I have started learning Flash. And C/C++ (which I already kno in gr8 detail).

C/C++ is used in iPhone games.

Well, half the employee of the company are reporting sick, some viral. And the weather too is transitioning from summer to winter so this kind of fever and all is supposed to be. In any case, I got work on sprite sheets. The iPhone provide hardware acceleration for 'pvr' format only. Now the thing is that the artist made all the work in 'png' format. And the software that encode from 'png' to 'pvr' only takes 'png' of the equal width and height and that also should in power of 2 i.e 256x256, 512x512 etc.

So first I have to merge all the frames in an animation into one file and then re-size it to have equal height and width in power of 2. Then I have to convert it into 'pvr'. It is really time consuming and most of the resizing is to be done from command line.

Today is supposed to be the game idea sharing session, I got four ideas for game. And I hope atleast two of them are really good, lets see what happens.

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