Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today, I had to get some duplicate keys for the office. So I went on a lookout for a key-maker, finally I found one but he still hadn't opened his shop. So I waited. There was this guy nearby who repairs cycles. I asked him at what time does the key-maker comes but he pointed to his ears and mouth and shook his hand to indicate that he can't speak or hear. I pointed to the key-maker shop and made sign to make him understand my question "when does he come" he understood and pointed to the cell number written on the shop. I called and the man said he would come by in 20 minutes or so. As I waited for him, there came this tea-man who tried to give this physically challenged man some tea and 'samosa' (an Indian dish prepared with potato and flour) but the guy refused (he won't take free food). There is still pride in him. I appreciate that, I haven't ever seen any other guy who is in this condition and still refuses to accept free food and work to fend for himself. May he have a good life.

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