Saturday, November 8, 2008

Legal and free Disco in India

Well, you might wonder how come the disco is free in India... It is, and I guess it is the largest chain anywhere in the world too... But it does comes with a limitation; It is only open for around twice at most the places, for three to four hours only and that too in day and strictly closed at night... Yeah, I am talking about Temples in India... You are free to bring as many friends as you can and dance to highly inspiring songs(these days they are even playing remix versions), till you drop... You can take your girlfriend and even have the guts to ask her mother... You even won't have to keep checking on everybody in case they break something(its public property and everyone take care of things themselves, unlike if you throw a party at your own house)... On Shivratri you even get 'Bhang'... Free dosage, drink as much as you want and get as high as you want and that too free of cost... Mingle with persons unknown and don't have fear of getting mugged... Whereas a party of this scale might cost a fortune but atleast it is not you who will be paying... :)

So get out your dancing dresses and get cracking... you won't be needing any shoes on the plus side.. that will be another thing that you wont have to spend money on... :p


Pr@k! said...

Lolz...nice one Ankur!! Short n sweet!! how true man!!..hw did yah thnk bout it?? :)

Anonymous said...

dude u r a born devil!!seems like sum 1 dating in iskcons and akshardham on regular basis

Anonymous said...

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