Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hallucination retold

Today I woke up early as I had to catch shane punjab from nizamuddin station. My ticket was reserved and my coach was D9. Raman a friend of mine was to board from New Delhi station. As the train approached the station, it slowed down, i sat at the window looking out for Raman. As the platform came into view I started watching out for him. Almost at the starting of the platform I caught sight of surbhi, I did a double back or back track and looked again. Yes there she was. I kept looking at her our eyes met. She also started staring at me from recognition or from been-stared-at I couldn't tell. She was with her dad.

Now as in movies everything went really slow. I saw her expression change as she recognized me. We kept looking at each other until the train broke our eye contact and line of sight. I was really confused as to what should i do. Hell I should have jumped from the moving train itself and tried to search her, look for her as soon as i could but, stupid me, i didn't. The train finally came to a stop. Through the window I saw Raman standing outside. Now my brain started working and I realized that I have to go and look for her. I got up and went toward the door, but the incoming passengers made it difficult for me to get down. I waited cursing myself that I didn't got down before when i could. I soon got a chance and I leapt forward only to hit an old man passing by at a fast speed. And another man pulled my sleeve from behind. I couldn't think my brain was not working. All i knew was tht i had to find her, reach her somehow. The old man was like 'kya hai' and the man behind me was asking where this train will be going to.

I apologized to the old man then answered the man behind me that this train will go to Amritsar, though i kept a straight face, I was cursing them for delaying me inside my heart. Then I caught up with Raman and told him where our seats were and told him to see to my luggage and I started going back, in what you can call walking sprint in a crowded place, to where I last saw her. I kept looking through each passing window and checking if she was sitting anywhere. But I reached the very end but couldn't locate her. The last coach was of luggage and two coached in front of it were general. I went back toward my coach more slowly and looking more keenly than before but still I couldn't find her. I boarded the train again and went all the way back and checked each seat in between for signs of her but i found no signs of her. I did a back turn when I reached the last boogie and went back to my own coach as slowly and looking at each person that I passed. At last I came back to my own coach which was next to the AC coach and had to stop since I couldn't have passed that without AC ticket.

My bad luck, seeing her after so long I couldn't even say hi to her.

Later, some days after this incident, I called her and asked her if she was there at New Delhi on so and so date, she said that she wasn't. I must have seen someone else. A nice bit of hallucination there.


Pr@k! said...

Where did yah take d plot of d story frm? HINDI MOVIES?? :P was a sweet write up but! :)

abhi said...

kya baat hai talwar bhai..hallucination...that too bout a gal..!.....who is she... i cudnt remind that u told me ever bout her.....happy dreaming...