Friday, February 29, 2008

The checked sweater

The other day my friend Rahul came to my house. He was wearing a white sweater with black check boxes. Now, rahul is very talkative and usually has a lot to tell about his life and generally share it without any hesitation. So I thought why not write a story on him. So I asked him, "Hey where did you get this sweater from". He replied that he had bought it from chandigarh where he had 6 week training. I told him about my plan to write a story on him and asked whether that sweater had one. He said no, he had just bought it and that's all, nothing funny or stuff related with that sweater. I said, "ok, nevermind". He said that the shirt he was wearing had a fine story of its own. Curious, I asked what it was and he replied that he had purchased the shirt from the same shop as that of sweater. I waited a few minutes and he didn't say anything further so I asked him, "Is that all?". He said yes, isn't it amazing to have worn a shirt and sweater both purchased from the same place. I couldn't less agree and burst out laughing.

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